About Us


Hello! My name is Diane Brewster. My family and I have been raising the Olde English Bulldogge, as well as other breeds of dogs of one type or another, as family members for most of our lives.

I started at a very young age working with animals; breeding, training, and also teaching their owners. In 4-H, a Seeing Eye Guide Dog was my first experience with training. Then moved into working with sheep, horses, pigs, rabbits as well as many others.

My mother was an accomplished handler and breeder. She was also involved in the film industry with her Cocker Spaniels (Mighty Dog commercials). Our family was mainly in the horse show arenas in California, Idaho and Washington State. Winning year end and high point awards in jumping and dressage.

I am currently involved in the Coeur d’Alene dog fancier training program. I teach the puppy class, I am a CGC Evaluator, and I also assist in many other programs, which are AKC affiliated. Rose is currently in their partner program. She has her novice obedience certificate, and has achieved her CGC certification. We both adore Rally classes and are planning on earning our titles in both Rally and obedience.

The last 6 years it has been all about The Olde English Bulldogge. We opened our first family owed kennel, Brewster’s Bullies, in 2009. We purchased Brewster’s Rose after extensive research. She comes from championship lines which are dual registered with IOEBA, OBBA and also in the Molosser Ancestry Database. Rose has a Certified Pedigree with 6 generations, she comes from proven lines. She is a free breather, athletic, smart and has no signs of food allergies. Her eyes are clear. Her hips and knees have been x-rayed and veterinarian cleared for our breeding program.

Our dogs are family members and my babies. They are born into an environment with calmness, tenderness, loving strength, knowledge of care and free to run and play. This is a great breed of dog for young families.

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